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Quick setup guide for free version color newsmagazine

Please follow the steps as given below to setup your site via appearance >> customize using color newsmagazine .

  1. Go to admin menu >> appearance >> themes .
  2. Click Add new button to add new theme.
  3. Upload theme zip file, if you have Or you can search at search bar using theme name ” color newsmagazine “. To search you must have internet connection. If you have purchased Pro color newsmagazine then you can select that file to upload here.
  4. Then after successful upload please install and activate it.
  5. Now your site is ready with the theme.
  6. Use any “Regenerate Thumbnails”  plugins to remake a size of image which color newsmagazine theme use. Hence for this, add plugins. Once you installed the plugin and activate , please go to appearance >> tools and do regeneration. Recommeded plugin is here https://wordpress.org/plugins/regenerate-thumbnails/
  7. Now the most important step is go to admin menu >> setting >> reading >> set “Your homepage displays” as “Your latest posts”.
  8. From step 1 to 7 are the basic steps for every theme to get activated and make ready with correct shape of image used in its design. ( In the case of Color NewsMagazine user must use minimum prescribed image by the theme 950px (W) by 530px (H) while setting its features image. ) .
  9. After this, every section of this theme is configured via customizer section. After activation, each section is auto enabled with its default configuration beside social link display. To change the default configuration please visit each section. For detail about the section please go through this link.
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