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Detail on background color changes

Background color related parameter can be changed via customize >>background color settings >> background color. From here following location’s background color can be changed.

These below are available in free version.

  1. Main background color
  2. Overlaying color over the header image: This feature cover the header image with the color of your choice to enhanced viewing of header image. Note:- This overlaying color does not apply to header video.
  3. Opacity of overlaying color: Opacity is the degree to which overlaying color is shown. If you wish to completely remove it then configure value 0 here.

These below are available in Pro version only

  1. Menu
  2. Sub-menu
  3. Introduction
  4. Card Slider
  5. Full Screen Slider
  6. Gallery Slider
  7. Leaflet Sllider
  8. Blog Section
  9. Footer
  10. Copyright
  11. Breadcrumb
  12. Detail page/post

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