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How to setup Introduction section

Introduction section: This section comes below the header section. It picks one of the pages from your page collection. Hence, here, a page is used to show its content, unlike in other sections, which use posts. This section is available in free Context blog and Pro only.

  1. Go to admin menu >> appearance >> customizer.
  2. Go to Main body settings >> Introduction section.
  3. Enable “ Enable this section on the homepage” to show it.
  4. Select one of the pages from the “Select your page for this section” drop-down list. This page will be used to show the remaining content of the introduction section.
  5. Choose the option either to display or not: meta data, excerpt, or read more.
  6. Assign a number in Excerpt Length to specify the length of the excerpt, which counts the number of words.
  7. Image displayed in this section is taken from a feature image that was used on that particular page.

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