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How to setup other sections

Other sections are :

  • Card slider section
  • Full-screen slider section
  • Gallery slider section
  • Leaflet slider section – in premium version only.

All these sections comes after introduction section. Posts are shown in this section using slider. Post change from right to left. Post can be changed by using button or self within some predefined timer value.

  1. Go to admin menu >> appearance >> customizer.
  2. Go to Main body settings >> card slider section.
  3. Enable “ Enable this section on the homepage” to show it.
  4. Select one of the options from the “Select chronological order” drop-down list. It has three options available. They are as follows:
    1. Recent published date – shows the most recent post first.
    2. Most commented – shows posts that have a maximum comment number first.
    3. Random – shows posts in a random manner.
  5. Select one of the options from “Select periodic option.” Posts to display can be filtered by weekly and monthly – in premium version only.
    1. Regular
    2. Weekly – shows posts older than 1 week only.
    3. Monthly – shows posts older than 1 month only.
  6. Select one of the options from “Select category.” Posts to display can be filtered by category or shown by all.
    1. Among all categories,.
    2. List of categories only.
  7. Assign a number in “Maximum number of posts to show.” The maximum number of posts to display in this section is derived from here.
  8. Choose the option either to display or not from meta data, excerpt, read more, category, and social share.
  9. Mention the title of this section here, “Title.” This title will give the viewer an idea about the section.
  10. Image displayed in this section is taken from a feature image that was used on that particular page.

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