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Preliminary setup guide

Please follow the steps as given below to setup your site as Portfolio site as per Demo (None blog site ) using this theme.

  1. Go to admin menu >> appearance >> themes .
  2. Click Add new button to add new theme.
  3. Either upload theme file, if you have which you can download from Download here Or you can search at search bar by theme name ” Isha “. To search you must have internet connection. If you have purchased Pro Isha then you can select that file to upload here.
  4. After finding the theme, please install and activate it.
  5. Now your site is ready with the theme.
  6. Use any “Regenerate Thumbnails”  plugins to remake required image size which theme “Isha” use. Hence for this, add plugins. Once you installed the plugin and activate , please go to appearance >> tools and do regeneration. Recommeded plugin is here https://wordpress.org/plugins/regenerate-thumbnails/
  7. Now create a new page i.e.”home” without any content. Leave the page blank. Please select template as “Frontpage” at Page attributes on right handside of this page.
  8. Now create a new page with new name i.e. “blog”. Please leave the content empty with no feature image.
  9. Most important now go to admin menu >> setting >> reading >> set “Your homepage displays” as “a static page”.
  10. Here select “Homepage :” as your welcome page i.e.”home”. This is a page you have created in step 7.
  11. Similarly select ” Posts page: ” as a page which you have created in step 8 i.e.”blog” to show your latest blog.
  12. Now add Isha widget in “Portfolio front page area” bar that comes with this theme as per your requirement. Please find another section to know about widget. Widget setup guide for Isha
  13. Adjust Customizer option as well. Please find another section to know about customizer options. Customizer setup guide for Isha
  14. Go to appearance >> menus . Create menu with name ” primary ” and add item page “blog”. This menu will take you to your blog post for the viewer.
  15. Alternatively you can use One Click demo import (OCDI) to setup your site as per DEMO. your existing post will not be affected. Please find another section to know about OCDI

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