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How to setup Blog post section

Blog post section: This section comes below Feature post section. Posts are shown in this section using image and excerpt etc.

  1. Go to admin menu >> appearance >> customizer.
  2. Go to theme options >> blog post section.
  3. Enable “Display blog post” to show it in homepage.
  4. Chose the option either to display or not from Excerpt, Read more , Category, Published date, No. of comment, Tag and UseBlankImage display. If you chose UseBlankImage display then system will display a grey color blank image if the post you have created does not use any Feature image.
  5. Enable ” Display SocialLink ” to show the post share button on social media such as facebook, linkedin, twitter and pinterest.
  6. There are three different view of blog post is available which are as follows:
    1. 1 column type
    2. 2 column type
    3. list type – this is available in Pro version only
  7. Posts are selected to display with most recent date among all category.
  8. Number of post to show in this section is set from admin menu >> settings >> reading >> Blog pages show at most
  9. The width of this section can be changed from customizer >> theme options >> general layout >> Feature post & Blog post box width. This option is available in Pro version only.

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