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How to setup Single page section for Author, related post and sharing option.

Single page setting has following setting applicable and process.

  1. Go to admin menu >> appearance >> customizer.
  2. Go to theme options >> Single page section
    1. Enable “Social share link ” to share your post in social media such as in facebook, twitter, linkedin and pinterest .
    2. Provide author title in text field “Author title “which appear as title in author section of the post.
    3. Enable ” Author section ” to show author detail.
    4. Similarly enable ” Avatar ” , “email” and “description” to show in author section.
    5. Enable “related post” to show related post that is related to current one which is viewing. It is realted by category.
    6. Provide Related post title in text field “Related post title” which appear as title in Related post section.
    7. Select one of the option from “order by” drop down list. It has 3 options available. They are as follows. Ascending chronological order of Post to display in this banner section is depend on the selected option.
      1. Recent published date
      2. Most commented
      3. Random – This is available in pro version only.
    8. Select one of the option from “Select the post among”. Post to display can be filtered by.
      1. Among all category
      2. List of categories only.
    9. Assign a number in “Number of post to show”. The number of post to display in this section is derived from here.
    10. Chose the option either to display or not from Excerpt, Read more , Category and Date.
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