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How to setup Social link section

Social link section: This section show 4 different Social link which are facebook, twitter, youtube and pinterest. These are shown in 3 different places at homepage.

  1. Go to admin menu >> appearance >> customizer.
  2. Go to theme options >> social link section.
  3. This link can be shown in 3 different locations. Enable the the option accordingly.
    1. Below header image – Enable Social link at top
    2. Sidebar –  Enable Social link at sidebar
    3. left side at footer – Enable Social link at bottom
  4. The title of social link at sidebar can be set from
    • “Title Social link at sidebar”
  5. Provide URL link for each link
  6. Individually each social link can be enable and disable from
    1. Enable facebook Icon
    2.  Enable twitter Icon
    3. Enable youtube Icon
    4. Enable pinterest Icon

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