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How to setup video post format

In video post format, instead of feature image a video will be shown as its thumbnail in blog post section.


  1. For such video thumbnail, any first video link that is added in the content of post will be used. Hence it means you need to specify the url link in the content of post then theme use that link to show as thumbnail in the front page at blog post section.
  2. Similarly you need to provide feature image as well which will be used as thumbnail in banner , feature display, footer etc section. If not then theme will show you grey image.

Please follow below steps to create video post format as shown in pro demo.

  1. Go to admin menu >> posts >> add new
  2. Select post format as ” video” at the right side
  3. Provide post title, category etc
  4. Provide the URL of video link in the content
  5. Provide feature image by uploading a new image.

Example in WordPress 5.0 and less than 5.0 version:-

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