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Introduction to different sections

It’s layout has been divided into 7 Sections which are as follows:

  1. Header section: This section is a top most section. Header image, site title, menu and social link are located in this sections.
  2. Banner slider section: This section comes below Header section. Posts are shown in this section using slider.
  3. Feature post section: This section comes below Banner slider section. Post are shown in this section using image display along with category only.
  4. Blog post section: This section comes below Feature post section. This is the main blog post section where posts are shown using image, excerpt , tag, post title and category.
  5. Sidebar section: This section is in left or right position from blog post section. Posts are shown here using 1. Slider and 2. Posts display in list style. This is the section where pre defined widget are listed if used.
  6. Footer section: This section comes below Blog post section. Post are shown here using slider. This section has contain 2 footer bars where widget can be listed if used.
  7. Social section: Social sharing icon has been shown in three different places. They are at below header image, at the sidebar and at the footer lower bottom. Facebook, twitter, pinterest and youtube link can be used.
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