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Introduction to Customization options

You can customize your site from the customize options

  • Appearance > Customize

  • Site Identity

In this option, you can set Logo, Site title, Tagline, Date display, and Brand text. Please see their location as given below.

  • Post setting

  • Font setting

  • Font Setting > Site Title Setting

  • Font Setting > Menu & Category setting

  • Font Setting >  Date and Tagline setting

  • Font Setting >  Post Title setting

  • Font Setting >  Post paragraph setting

  • Customize Color Setting

  • Customize Color Setting >  Background color setting

  • Customize Color Setting >  Text color setting

  • Color

  • Header image

  • Background image


You have already created menu from the Appearance > Menu option. But you can also manage the position of the menus and add/delete menus from this options. We recommend to create Menu from Appearance > Menu


You can set your widget from this option too. But you have already set the widget from Appearance > widget option.

We recommend to create Widget from Appearance > widget option.

Static frontpage setting

You have two options here. If you want your homepage to be static(Same always) then you can choose A static page otherwise, you can choose your latest posts option. Usually A static page is used. Here now need to set FrontPage and PostPage. In order to set Front page, please create a blank page from the page menu dashboard then name it as “ “Home” using template as “ Home_Page”. After creating “ Home “ page, it will appear here and thus select it as Frontpage. Similarly please make blank page name as Blog from page menu dashboard and select it from Post page option.

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