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Color Newsmagazine is a free WordPress theme. It is designed to build a magazine and newspaper website. Its blog design is also suitable for a professional blogger who likes to have multi-variant colors on their website. A unique feature of this theme is dynamically changeable highlighted color during each loading of website. Posts can be filtered by comments number, author, random date, recent date.

There are 16 different custom-built places to show the news and events. All of them are configured from appearance >> customizer.


Menu has 2 distinct features that show the icon and markup superscript title. Such icon and title is used to highlight items in the menu section.

Hotnews and Big news section

For a newspaper-based website, the Hotnews section is useful to show ticker news and the Big News section can show recent news which you like to appear on the screen for a limited time only. After a presetting time, it will disappear from this location. This is one of the prominent feature of this wordpress theme.

Main News

Main News section has 4 different subsections. They are Left Main News section, Upper Main News section, Lower Main News section, and Right Main news section. Each of them has an individual controller to select posts. Thus makes color newsmagazine as a perfect WordPress theme.

Body Block Section

Now after this main news section, body block section starts. There are 7 block sections (block 1 to 7 ) and 1 block blog post section. All of them have a different custom design. Such block position can also be changeable.

Footer Slider section

Footer section has Footer Slider section and Footer News section to display post. It has location and social sharing.

Sidebar section

Sidebar section contains author introduction area and two block news design.

There are many more other features available. Please go through the documents.


  • Selectable Primary theme color
  • Dynamically changeable secondary color
  • Same palette matching secondary color with primary color

Design format

  • Tickle news
  • Big news / event
  • 4 Main banner news
  • 7 Body block design
  • Blog post
  • Footer news
  • Sidebar news

Post selection

  • By author
  • By no. of comments
  • By category
  • By recent date
  • By random date

Gutenberg image support

  • Wide width image alignment
  • Full width image alignment
  • Different image style

News/Event info

  • Display time required to read
  • Display time ago post published
  • Display author’s name
  • Display no. of comments
  • Display published date

Author description

  • Display author name
  • Display author email
  • Display author description