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Creative Business Blog a free WordPress theme

For some viewers, new recent blogs are important and for other viewers, most commented on existing blog is more important. Creative business blog incorporates these features to shows the desired blog post in required manner.

The body layout is divided into two parts. Sidebar and primary bar. Sidebar is set for displaying in built widgets and primary bar is for showing post.

Primary bar has total 4 sections.

First section is Feature slider section. This section can show post oder by latest post date or by number of comment it has in descending order. It is displayed in slider format. Similarly this section can filter the post to display among all category or among a specific single category.
Second section is Blog post section. This section shows the latest post in descending order. If two posts are published on same date then the first post is considered by comparing its published time on that day. The published date is shown with a capital letter PD. This section display layout in Grid or list format.
Third section is to display social ICON. Currently there are 4 icons presents.
Fourth section is Feature display section. This section is same as first section but the difference is it shows post in image display format.

Last section is footer section which consists of list of popular categories, list of most commented posts and then about us.

All above sections are controlled via customizer section.

We hope you will get fully satisfied for using creative business blog theme.
Have a nice day.
Thank you.

 Main Body layouts

Free theme features Premium theme features
 Site identity features
    Insert Site logo, header image, today’s date, tagline etc. YES YES
 Theme option
   Feature slider YES YES
    Blog post YES YES
    Feature display YES YES
 Theme option features
    Order post by latest post date, number of comment YES YES
    Select post by Category YES YES
    Order post by recently update date, number of viewed BUY YES
    Select post by post Author BUY YES
    Title, Number of post to show, Box size adjustable YES YES
    Display Comment & Tag, Author, Date, Category YES YES
 Adjust image box width
    Adjust image box width along with content YES YES
 Text Transform (Uppercase, lowercase, Capital, Default)
    Category, Read more, Leave comment, Tag, Menu BUY YES
 Color setting features
    Main Background color & Theme color YES YES
    Header ( Title and Tagline ) text color YES YES
    Post title, Author, Date, Read more & Leave comment text color BUY YES
    Widget title, Paragraph, Category & Read more text color BUY YES
    Menu background color BUY YES
    Sidebar, Footer & Primary bar background color BUY YES
 Font setting features
    Standard fonts and 600+ Google fonts BUY YES
    Font size, style and weight BUY YES
 Extra features
    Left sidebar / Primarybar YES YES
    Primarybar / Right sidebar YES YES
    Primarybar YES YES
    More option on Theme option BUY YES
    More option on Theme option features BUY YES
    Adjust Sidebar and Primarybar width BUY YES
 Header layouts
    Header layout – 1 YES YES
    Header layout – 2 / 3 / 4 BUY YES
 24hr supports

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