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FREE WordPress newspaper and magazine theme

MagazinePost is a free wordpress newspaper and magazine theme. It is completely free responsive bootstrap theme based in wordpress. It uses bootstrap version 4. Thus it is most suitable for making wordpress newspaper and magazine website.  Since it needs a lot of images and videos to support. It’s main feature is it can support Video post both uploaded and embedded link. Meanwhile Image post is recommended to use aspect 16:9.

MagazinePost is Free wordpress template best for making newspaper & magazine theme. Consequently postmag theme tested by Theme check. In addition to it has 21 widgets area & custom built 7 widget. Furthermore  it supports change of Fonts and Colors.

Enjoy following features that comes with this theme.

Standard free features :-

A. Site identity feature :
insert Site logo Insert header image Insert site Title Insert today’s date
Insert tagline Insert site icon Insert header menu
Insert date and comment below post image Insert background image
B. Widget option feature :
Excerpt show Drop box Shadow Select image or video Select all recent posts
Select category
Extra free features :-
A. Font setting feature:- name, size, style, bold 17 standard fonts
Site brand font setting Menu font setting Date & tagline font setting Post title & category font setting
Post paragraph font setting
B. Color setting feature :- 1. Background color setting 2. Text color setting
1. Background color setting :-
Menu background color setting Section wise background color setting Master background color setting
2. Text color setting:-
Site Title text color setting Menu text color setting Date & Tagline text color setting Post Title, Category, List, Mouse hover text color setting
Paragraph text color setting Post overlay text color setting
C. Newly Built 7 widget :-
Email subscription Social page link Carousel Style 1 – Cross display
Style 2 – Titles display Style 3 – Magazine display Style 4 – News display
D. 21 widget area :-
2 Banner widget area 12 Frontpage widget area 4 footer widget area 3 Search blog post page widget area

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