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Pro New Blog a WordPress theme

Description: Pro New blog theme is fairly developed theme. It has clean looks and smooth presentation ideally suited for  personal blog and magazine type blog. It has used all customizer options available in WordPress. New blog theme is totally controlled and accessed from customizer view. It’s design as per demo can be totally achieved from customizer option. Custom widget has been avoided so that even the novice user can use this theme. Many premium features have been provided so that all basics and advance features can be utilized. This is complete package for well content website making business. 

Layout Details:

It’s layout has been divided into 7 Sections which are as follows:

  1. Header section: Header image, site title, menu and social link are located in this sections.
  2. Banner slider section: Posts are shown in this section using slider.
  3. Feature post section: Post are shown in this section using image display along with category.
  4. Blog post section: This is the main blog post section where posts are shown using image, excerpt , tag, post title and category.
  5. Sidebar section: Posts are shown here using slider and posts display in this list style. This is the section where pre defined widget are listed if used.
  6. Footer section: Post are shown here using slider. This section has contain 2 footer bar where widget can be listed if used.
  7. Social section: Social sharing icon has been shown in three different places. They are at below header image, at the sidebar and at the footer lower bottom. Facebook, twitter, pinterest and youtube link can be used.
Features Free theme features Premium theme features
 Site identity features
    Insert Site logo, header image, tagline etc. YES YES
 Theme option section
   Banner slider section YES YES
    Feature post section YES YES
    Blog post section YES YES
    Footer section YES YES
    Social link YES YES
    Sidebar section YES YES
    Single page section YES YES
 Theme option features
    Order post by latest post date, number of comment YES YES
   Order post by random date BUY YES
    Select post by Category YES YES
    Select post by Author BUY YES
    Title, Excerpt, Number of post to show YES  YES
   Display Comment & Tag, Author, Date YES YES
 Adjust box width
    Adjust  box width along with content BUY (Partial YES) YES
 Text Transform (Uppercase, lowercase, Capital, Default)
    Category, Read more, Leave comment, Tag, Menu BUY YES
 Color setting features
    Main Background color YES YES
    Header ( Title and Tagline ) text color YES YES
    Post title, Author, Date, Read more & Leave comment text color BUY YES
    Widget title, Paragraph, Category & Read more text color BUY YES
    Menu background color BUY YES
    Sidebar, Footer & Central bar background color BUY YES
 Typography setting features
    Standard fonts and 600+ Google fonts BUY YES
    Font size, style, line height and weight BUY YES
 Extra features
    Left sidebar /Central Bar BUY YES
    Sidebar post setting BUY (Partial YES) YES
    List type in blog post BUY YES
    Single page layout setting BUY (Partial YES) YES
    Menu layout setting BUY YES
    Adjust Sidebar  width BUY YES
 24hr supports


Check Pro features via Live Customizer View Documentation


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