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Voice blog lite is a free WordPress theme. It has a clean design and smooth presentation. People who loves simple yet attractive way of presenting their articles will choose voice blog lite theme. Immediately full page header image attracts viewers to your site hence it is the most important and first impression of your thought. There are related stories for each of your article. It shows the connection between your article via common category. Voice blog lite WordPress theme can be shared by more than one author. It has a capability of showing article between authors.

Parent theme of Voice Blog Lite you can view here Voice blog

Layout Details for  voice blog free wordpress theme: It’s layout has been divided into 7 Sections which are as follows:

  1. Header section: Header image, site title, menu and social link are located in this sections.
  2. Banner slider section: Posts are shown in this section using slider available in pro version only.  One post is showed at time. There are many options to select post including author, date and category. This option is available as “ Built Style 2 – Single Banner ” widget.
  3. Double Banner slider section: Posts are shown in this section using slider available via customizer.  Two posts are showed at time. There are many options to select post including author, date and category.  This option is also available as ” Built Style 1 – Double Banner ” widget in pro version.
  4. Multiple post banner slider section: Posts are shown in this section using slider. Maximum seven posts are showed at time. There are many options to select post including author, date and category. This option is available as “ Built Style 4 – Multiple Post Banner ” widget.
  5. Feature post section: Post are shown in this section using image display along with category available in pro version only.  There are many options to select post including author, date and category.  This option is available as ” Built Style 3 – Feature layout“widget.
  6. Blog post section: This is the main blog post section where posts are shown using image, excerpt , tag, post title and category with related post by category
  7. Sidebar section: Posts are shown here also using slider in pro version only and posts display in list style. This is the section where pre defined widget are listed if used.
  8. Footer section: This section has contain 3 footer bar where widget can be listed if used.
  9. Social section: Social network icon has been shown in three different places. They are at  top of the page, at the sidebar and at the footer lower bottom. Facebook, twitter, pinterest , youtube link and instagram and linkedin ( in pro version only ) can be used.
  10. Social sharing for your post also has been provided in Pro version.
  11. Special Pro features :
    • Support post format such as Gallery, Video, Audio, Quote.
    • Provide post share for Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Pinterest.
    • Social page feed from facebook and twitter.
    • Many more page layout and post selection.

Code of Voice blog lite theme has been checked and approved by wordpress.org here at : Voice blog lite WordPress theme

You can view many other Free theme approved by wordpress.org here: WordPress.org

FeaturesFree theme featuresPro theme features
 Site identity features  
     Insert Site logo, header image, tagline etc.YESYES
 Theme option section  
     Banner slider widgetBUYYES
     Double banner slider widgetBUYYES
     Multiple post banner slider widgetYESYES
     Feature post widgetBUYYES
     Blog post sectionYESYES
     Social linkYESYES
     Sidebar sectionYESYES
 Theme option features  
     Order post by latest post date, number of commentYESYES
     Order post by Random dateYESYES
     Select post by CategoryYESYES
     Select post by AuthorYESYES
     Select Excerpt, Display Comment, Tag & DateYES YES
 Adjust box width  
     Adjust  box width along with contentBUYYES
 Text Transform  
     Category, Read more, Leave comment, Tag, Menu etc.BUYYES
 Color setting features  
     Main Background colorYESYES
     Header ( Title and Tagline ) text colorYESYES
     Post title, Author, Date, Read more & Leave comment text colorBUYYES
     Menu, Widget title, Paragraph & Category text colorBUYYES
     Top menu , middle menu & middle site title background colorBUYYES
     Widget title, Navigation link background colorBUYYES
 Typography setting features  
     Standard fonts and 600+ Google fontsBUYYES
     Font size, style, line height and weightBUYYES
 Extra features  
     Woocommerce supportYESYES
     Left sidebar / Right sidebarBUYYES
     Sidebar post settingBUY (Partial YES)YES
     2 column and List type in blog postBUYYES
     Single page layout settingBUY (Partial YES)YES
     Menu layout settingBUYYES
     Adjust Sidebar  widthBUYYES
     Social share link for postBUYYES
     Post format support (Gallery, Video, Audio, Quote.)BUYYES
     Hide Side MenuBUYYES
     Hide footer Info about postmagthemes.comBUYYES
 24hr supports  

Post Selection

  • Category
  • Date
  • Comment count
  • Author

Gutenberg Enable

  • Support Wide width image
  • Support Full width image
  • Support wp block styles
  • Support Responsive Embeds
  • Support Page break


  • Text color
  • Background color
  • News title, section title , paragraph, category, date etc.

Social Network

  • Social link at 3 different places
  • Facebook, twitter, youtube and Pinterest


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Released Date:2022-10-06

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within: 600 Days

Active Installations:100 +

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Average Download per day: 2.46

Required WordPress Version:4.7 or higher

Required PHP Version:5.6 or higher


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Voice blog lite free wordpress theme

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