The Location of a GSM mobile user is an utmost important because of its seamless mobility feature. The technology for finding such user in mobile network is now one of the most promising and research needed fields. Classification of potential location based system (LBS) application can be done as for public safety, consumer needs and enterprise business. There are various methods that have been studied but many of them have good accuracy in outdoor RF environment only. Such environment consists of good Line-of-sight (LOS) and thus multipath propagation and other penetration loss have a very less effect.



According to the strategy analytics, around 80% of time people kept them indoor. Either for their work or for domestic purpose, they enclosed themselves inside the building. Hence 70% of cellular and 80% of data originates from indoor . It means the location technique should be able to perform for indoor as compare to outdoor. The most accurate technique for positioning is GPS and hence nowadays  all most all smart phone are equipped with GPS. As GPS is power limited system thus it has low accuracy for indoor purpose, there is another way to calculate positioning of MS which is network based system. In the network based system as an example, google give the accuracy around 10 meter but require Wifi internet connection otherwise give a very large error.

My research is based on the method that uses path loss and polynomial interpolation using network based system here at NCIT

This research experiment result shows improve minimum location error as 25 meter without using Wifi and GPS.  Such error further can be improved using piece wise interpolation and complexity can be improved using SSSD. Industrial development of the such model is the next step.

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