How to run PHP function via JS using Ajax in WordPress

Introduction Running PHP function via JS using Ajax is a common practice in web development for several reasons: 1. Asynchronous Communication: 2. Dynamic Content Update: 3. User Interaction: 4. Reduced Server Load: 5. Real-time Updates: 6. Progressive Enhancement: So, in this article, we will teach you How to run PHP function via JS using Ajax in […]

How to make floating next previous post navigation bar in WordPress

This article teaches how to create a floating navigation bar in WordPress, allowing users to easily move between posts without plugins. By adding specific code to the single.php file, and including CSS and jQuery for styling and functionality, this feature enhances user experience, keeps the next/previous post links accessible, and adds a modern touch to site design. Support is available if required.

How to scroll to top using jquery in wordpress without plugins

Introduction This article describe How to setup Scroll to Top on button press using jquery as its feature. As you have seen on some webpage that there is a floating button appear at the bottom of the page whenever the webpage is scrolled to some distance from the top. Once clicked on this button, the […]