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Change site title, tagline and logo

In WordPress, the Site Title , Tagline and logo are important elements of your website’s identity. They help define the overall theme and purpose of your site. Here’s a breakdown of each:

Site Title

The Site Title is the main title of your WordPress website. It typically appears in various places such as:

  • The browser tab when visitors are on your site.
  • The header of your site (depending on your theme).
  • Search engine results, helping with SEO.

The Site Title is often the name of your blog, business, or website.


The Tagline is a short description or slogan that complements the Site Title. It usually provides a brief explanation of what your site is about or its purpose. The Tagline can appear:

  • Below or next to the Site Title in the header (depending on your theme).
  • In search engine results, alongside the Site Title.


The Logo is a graphic representation of your website or brand. It is often displayed prominently in the header of your site and can appear in various other places, such as:

  • The site header.
  • Browser tabs (as a favicon).
  • Social media shares and other promotional materials.

How to Set the Site Title and Tagline in WordPress

  1. From the WordPress Dashboard:
    • Go to Settings > General.
    • You’ll see fields for Site Title and Tagline.
    • Enter your desired Site Title and Tagline.
    • Click Save Changes at the bottom of the page.
  2. During WordPress Installation:
    • When you first install WordPress, you are prompted to enter a Site Title and Tagline.
    • These can be changed later through the settings as described above.

How to Set logo in WordPress

  1. Go to Appearance > Customize.Select Site Identity.Here, you can upload your Logo.You also have options to set the Site Title and Tagline here if you haven’t done so in the General settings.Once uploaded, you can usually see a live preview of your logo in the header.Click Publish to save the changes.


Browse this demo of Free context blog WordPress theme


  • Site Title:Journey of LiFe
  • Tagline: “The Original wAy”
  • Logo: Context Blog

In this example, “Journey of Life” is the name of the blog, and “The Original wAy” gives visitors a quick insight into what the blog covers.

Free context blog WordPress theme

By thoughtfully choosing your Site Title ,Tagline and logo, you can effectively communicate your site’s identity and attract your target audience.

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